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Florida Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Florida’s federally-funded emergency rental assistance relief program supports residents and businesses as they continue to recover and rebuild.

The OUR Florida Program has been accepting applications for rental and utility assistance since Monday, May 17, 2021.

It is important to submit a complete application with all required documentation to receive assistance quickly and accurately.

To check the status of your application, visit HERE.

The OUR Florida program offers renters who qualify assistance with unpaid rent and utility bills, as well as assistance to landlords and utilities with lost revenue in order to help them continue their recovery.


OUR Florida assists landlords by providing them with compensation for lost rental income in order to aid in the continuation of the economic recovery.

The program provides assistance for past-due rental payments as well as up to three months’ worth of future rental payments, with a total rental assistance period of 15 months not to exceed 15 months. Landlords and tenants should work together to determine whether or not a tenant is eligible for the program and to complete the application. Once the application has been approved, the landlord will be paid directly from the funds received.


We assist renters who qualify by providing them with assistance with unpaid rent and utility bills and other expenses.

Renters in Florida who meet the requirements can receive up to 15 months of rent and utility payments. This includes 12 months of past-due rent and utilities, as well as three months of rent payments for the foreseeable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

OUR Florida is a state-funded initiative of the Florida Department of Children and Families. The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) of the federal government provides the funding. In the event that applicants have any questions or concerns about their eligibility, the application process, or other aspects of the program, the Frequently Asked Questions section is a great place to start.

Renters who are facing eviction should consult with an attorney to better understand their rights and what to expect while applying for rental assistance. Renters can obtain free legal assistance from their local legal aid by submitting an application online through www.floridalegalaidonline.org or by calling the legal aid office directly (Florida Legal Aid Directory).


OUR Florida provides eligible applicants with assistance with past-due utility bills and other debts. Please visit this page to register as a Florida utility provider in order to receive eligible payments from the OUR Florida program.

Utilities must be paid directly to the utility companies, not to the government. For a period beginning after April 1, 2020, all payments for utilities and home energy costs must be accompanied by a bill or invoice in the tenant’s name that reflects the tenant’s address for each qualifying utility during the period.

Utilities and home energy costs that are covered by the landlord are considered to be part of the rental payment. To request assistance for utility arrearages, the applicant does not need to be a recipient of rental assistance or to have applied for or received it.

households receiving rental assistance under tenant-based or project-based Section 8, other HUD rental assistance programs, or a USDA Rural Development rental assistance program who are living in a public housing unit or who are already receiving emergency rental assistance from another source may be eligible for utility assistance. In the case of utility and/or home energy arrearages, the period covered must be equal to or less than fifteen (15) months and the amount owed must be paid only in arrears.


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