Emergency Rental Assistance Program in Houston, TX (Harris County/Fort Bend, County)

Houston Harris County Rental Assistance Program

Houston, TX Rental Assistance Program

The City of Houston and Harris County teamed up to provide $159 million in rent and utility assistance to families who have been impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic. The cash will be distributed by BakerRipley and Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

The Houston-Harris Rental Assistance Program is available to the following renters in Harris County and the City of Houston

  • Those who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, who is facing housing insecurity, and whose family income is at or below 80% of the regional median family income?
  • Any Houston or Harris County rental property is eligible to participate. In order to participate, landlords must enroll their property and agree to the program’s terms. Tenant and landlord registration is now available!

Do you have any reservations or questions about obtaining financial assistance for your rent?

Do you need further assistance?

Rental assistance applications are clarified by clarifying eligibility restrictions, scanning paperwork, or providing additional technical assistance and in-language support, and tenants who qualify for its protection are informed about the anti-eviction provisions of the CDC Moratorium Declaration. Reconnecting families with additional resources such as food, healthcare, and job training.

About The Program

Residents of Harris County and the City of Houston who has been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, are homeless, and have a household income of less than 80% of the Area Median Family Income are eligible for this program.

All rental properties in Houston or Harris County are eligible to participate. To be eligible for the program, landlords must sign up and agree to the rules.

Landlord enrollment and tenant applications are now accessible!

How Do I Apply?

Landlords can join at any time.
Landlords are named by renters who need aid If a renter’s landlord is not already enrolled, they will be contacted.

A tenant’s application is approved and the landlord is contacted to collect past-due rent and future payments.
With the subject line “confirmed commitment”, the tenant and landlord will receive an email with the amount of rental aid awarded.

The program administrators will electronically deposit the validated pledge into the landlord’s bank account (ACH). The landlord must credit the tenant’s account within five days.

Not sure if you’ve signed up?

Optional Financing for Landlords

From April 2020, support is offered for past-due rent for up to 12 months if no other rental assistance is received. Housing help for up to two months, as well as utility assistance for past-due electricity, gas, or water bills paid straight to the landlord. The landlord must authenticate past-due rent and utility payments.

Landlord Enrollment

Fill out a landlord registration form, agree to the Landlord Terms and Conditions, and attach supporting documents such a signed W-9, canceled check, or ACH payment instructions. Click here to see the full list of Landlord Terms & Conditions.

Enrollment in the 2020 BakerRipley COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program is not needed, however landlords should note that the Landlord Terms and Conditions have changed. Landlords can update their registration information by emailing helpwithrent@bakerripley.org.

An applicant’s landlord will be contacted and urged to enroll. If no response is received after 14 days, the tenant may be paid immediately. Subscribers benefit from faster and more direct payments.

Landlord Guidelines

Participating landlords commit to:

  • Make up any missed payments.
  • Past-due rent fees, fines, and interest are all waived.
  • Until the tenant’s application is decided, do not enforce any judgments, writs of possession, or other action.
  • Any prior notice to vacate or eviction proceedings will be dismissed if the tenant’s application is approved. Any writ of possession issued for non-payment will be rescinded within five business days.

During the nationwide eviction moratorium, do not issue eviction notices or effectuate evictions against Qualified Tenants as decided by the CDC (CDC).
Impossibility to use rented unit/property by the tenant


Participants must own residential property in Houston or Harris County.

Note: These requirements apply to Emergency Rental Assistance Program grants from the US Treasury. Other funding rules may vary.

The name of your landlord must be provided if you need help with past-due rent. If your landlord hasn’t already done so, encourage them to go here to enroll. However, you can still apply even if your landlord declines to join.

If the application is approved, both the tenant and landlord will receive an email notifying them.

Got Questions?

Please call our hotline at 832-402-7568.

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