Emergency Rental Assistance Program for Hidalgo County/McAllen/Edinburg, TX

Hildalgo McAllen Edinburg rental assistance programs

Are you overdue on your rent or utility bills?

The Hidalgo County Rent Relief Program is here to help.
COVID-19 has had an influence on residents in Hidalgo County. The agency keeps emergency money on hand to help county residents with rent and utility payments.

(This includes unpaid rent and utility payments.)

The Hidalgo County Rent Assistance Program

This website allows both landlords and tenants to form an account and submit an application.

If you need help filling out an application, please contact our customer service professionals at 1-833-209-5023.

Beginning March 13, 2020, Rent Relief in Hidalgo County might help tenants with the following expenses.

(This means you can ask for help with up to 11 months’ worth of past-due bills):

  • Past-due rent, current rent, and up to three months’ worth of expected rent charges
  • Utility usage (past due, current, and up to three months)
  • Following the initial three months of forwarding aid, you may request three further months if funds are available.
Other Programs

Landlord Application

Landlords requesting overdue or future rent on behalf of tenants:

  • All payments must go toward the tenant’s rental obligations.
  • The application must be signed by the renter.

Tenant Application

Direct applications for unpaid or future rent or utilities:

  • You have the option of applying directly and inviting your landlord to participate.
  • Your landlord will be invited to create an account and input information.
  • If your landlord refuses to participate, you can still apply.