Emergency Rental Assistance Program in Anaheim

Anaheim emergency rental assistance

Applications for renters and landlords are now being accepted. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, income-qualified tenants and landlords can get 100% of the rent and utilities they owe.

It is possible to begin the application procedure by either the renter or the landlord, but both parties will need to supply relevant information in order to get the financing.

As long as funding is available, we will process submissions on a rolling basis.

Do you know if you’ve already applied? Here, you may see the status of your application.

Get in touch with us! Call (714) 765-4300 ext. 4890 for assistance.

About Landlords

As a result of the pandemic’s economic impact and California’s eviction relief law, Anaheim is accepting landlord applications for financial help to offset past-due rent and utility charges.

From April 2020 to September 2021, Anaheim landlords with impacted homes can apply for a state payment paying 100% of unpaid rent.

Tenants who have not paid their rent in a timely manner are also eligible to apply.

Application Process

  • Landlords can apply online by going to this link.
  • All candidates will be thoroughly assessed for eligibility, and basic paperwork will be required.
  • Tenants who are represented by a landlord in a landlord’s application will be contacted and required to provide basic documentation.

Who is eligible?

Low-income Anaheim residents and those who have lost jobs or work hours as a result of the coronavirus’s economic or health effects are eligible for rent assistance.

Anaheim rental assistance income requirements

What if I applied during the March 2021 application period and received 80% of my rent back? How can I obtain the additional aid offered by Governor Newsom?
If you have previously applied with Anaheim during previous phases of our rental aid program, you do not need to reapply.

We are still reviewing submissions from the previous round and will notify tenants and landlords after their application has been reviewed.

Landlords who have previously sought for assistance to cover up to 80% of unpaid rent do not need to reapply to be considered for the additional 20%. (adding up to 100 percent promised in new state law).

We are working with previous grantees to ensure landlords receive full rent assistance. When the additional 20% payment is due, you and your tenant will be notified in writing.

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