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FremontIn accordance with the City of Fremont’s Keep Fremont Housed program, unpaid rent and utilities can be reimbursed for a period of time stretching back as far as April 1, 2020, the date of the federal COVID-19 emergency declaration. Applicants may submit an application for rental assistance, utility assistance, or a combination of the two. Both landlords and tenants are urged to submit an application.

Understanding Keep Fremont Housed

Due to a loss of employment or income caused by COVID 19, the City of Fremont’s Keep Fremont Housed Program, which is sponsored by Treasury Department stimulus monies, provides rent and/or utility assistance to qualifying low-to-moderate-income households. In order to help those who are at danger of becoming homeless or experiencing housing instability, several subsidies are available. Landlords and tenants alike are encouraged to fill out an application.

It will be possible to pay back rent and advance rent directly to the landlord starting on April 1, 2020, subject on eligibility and funds availability. The maximum term for the program will be 12 months from the date of the first payment.

First billing cycle after April 1, 2020, the program can repay utility bills that have not been paid within 30 days.

The Keep Fremont Housed fund has a total of $7.1 million, with at least 90% of the money going directly to help the homeless.

Am I Eligible?

Applicants will not be asked about their nationality or have to present proof of their status in order to apply.

Candidates seeking rental assistance must meet all of the following requirements: they must pay rent on a residential dwelling/room or pay space rent on a mobile home.

Residents of Fremont are eligible for government assistance.

At or below the median household income in the area (AMI). 

The COVID-19 outbreak has directly or indirectly resulted in a decrease in household income, significant costs, or severe financial hardship for one or more members of the household.

One or more members of a family may exhibit a risk of homelessness or housing instability.

If you’re a landlord and have renters who are late on their rent and require financial assistance to compensate for this loss of income, apply for the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program:

Your renters are eligible for government income assistance (the state will calculate this when they apply).

Regardless matter how much money you get in compensation, the renter’s due rent must be paid in full at all times. Those in need of financial assistance can apply until April 1, 2020.

Your renter/s must check their eligibility and sign the application before they can rent from you. After you submit your application, they will be contacted and asked to give the relevant information.

What if I don’t live in Fremont?

Residents of Oakland can apply by going to the city’s website at this link.

There is an application process here for all Alamedans who live outside of Berkeley.

The website of the California Department of Housing and Community Development is a wonderful place to start.

Alameda County’s Area Median Income (AMI) Limits

A person’s annual household gross income (before taxes) must fall within a particular range in order to be eligible for the program. A two-person household in Fremont must earn no more than $87,700 per year at 80 percent AMI before taxes to be eligible for the program.

Documents Needed

There is no “Save” option available in the online application. Before submitting your application, double-check that you have all of your supporting documentation ready to go. Please check “How Do I Apply for Keep Fremont Housed?” for information on how to upload documentation in order to submit an application for Keep Fremont Housed.

To download a printable checklist of the documents you’ll need for your application, select your preferred language from the drop-down menu below:

  • Valid photo identification (e.g., a valid driver’s license, a valid state identity card, a valid passport, etc.).
  • Demonstrate the need for rental help and/or utility assistance. This can be severe financial obligations and debt, a job loss, or a loss of income that is directly related to COVID-19.

Select one of the options below to submit your application:

  • After April 1, 2020, an employer must issue a layoff letter or a letter confirming reduced income to employees.
  • Unemployment Insurance letter from the state or the federal government
  • Paystubs reflect a reduction in earnings. Include the most recent paystub proving the loss of income, as well as the last paycheck stub demonstrating the loss of income.
  • For those who are self-employed, contract workers, or gig workers who have experienced a decrease in income as a result of COVID-19, you must produce proof of income from the period before to the decrease in income as well as the most recent documentation of revenue. For example, gig workers can submit information on their monthly ridership and earnings.
  • Any eviction notice served on a tenant as a result of nonpayment of rent in accordance with COVID-19
  • COVID-19 incurred a significant amount of money in expenditures. Please send in your receipts as soon as possible.

Documentation of gross 2020 household income OR documentation of gross income for the previous 60 days from the date of application submission is required for all household members. For everyone who lives in your home, please give the following information to demonstrate annual household income OR current household income as follows:

  • Household tax returns for the year 2020
  • Paystubs
  • Disablement Insurance statements or a letter from a government body are both acceptable options.
  • W-2 or other pay statements, as well as social security statements
  • Bank statements proving a consistent source of income

Please supply the first billing statement(s) after April 1, 2020, AND the most recent billing statement(s) if you have any outstanding utility bills (water, gas/electric, and rubbish) (s).

Landlords are required to provide the following:The Applicant has a copy of the lease in his possession. If there isn’t a lease available, please submit one of the options listed below: utility bills in the applicant’s name, bank statements indicating payments to the landlord, or check stubs showing verification of rent payment are all acceptable forms of proof. 

  • Documentation from the landlord for rent that has been overdue, signed by the landlord or his or her authorized representative
  • The landlord must submit an IRS Form W-9 to the IRS. To obtain a copy from the IRS website, please click here.

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