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California’s COVID-19 Rental Assistance

Irvine, CA rental assistance programs

The Federal and State governments have just approved money for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program’s second round of financing. The City of Irvine has authorized the second round of California’s COVID-19 Rent Relief Program, which is part of the state’s COVID-19 Rent Relief Program.

COVID-19, the state’s rent-relief program, will remain in effect beyond September 30. Applications will be evaluated as long as finances are available to support them. Renters and landlords who are qualified to obtain a full refund of their past-due rent and utilities are encouraged to submit an application. In the event that you are served with an eviction notice, you have 15 business days from the date of receipt of the notice to file an application for rent relief and tell your landlord of your intent to do so (or intend to). If you have a COVID-related rent debt, you are only protected from eviction if you file a relief application. To get started, go to or call 833-430-2122 to speak with a representative.

Tenants apply for rental assistance programs in Irvine, CA

Tenants/Landlords Emergency Rental Assistance in Irvine, CA

The State of California’s COVID-19 Rent Relief program provides financial help to renters and landlords who have been adversely affected by COVID-19. Applicants from both landlords and tenants can apply for assistance.

On the State of California’s website, you may find the COVID-19 Rent Relief program, where you can apply. Your application will be evaluated and processed by the state. Your application will be accessible only to the City of Irvine and the Orange County United Way.

The following link will take you to the Housing is Key website of the State of California, where you can begin the application process for housing aid. The application website is available in six languages.

In order to finish your application, click the “Apply Now” button and a map of the state of California will be displayed in your web browser window. You can type in your address in the window, or you can use the map to locate it. Indicating that you are eligible to apply to the California program, the City of Irvine is marked in green on the map.

You will see a window appear on the page once you enter your address, displaying the current program that is running in your area. Choosing “View” from a drop-down menu will display the link to the application and software. A series of preliminary questions will be asked to establish whether or not you are a suitable candidate for participation in the program. If the screening criteria are met, you will be redirected to the State website, where you must create a username and password in order to access your responses.

As a tenant, you may have questions regarding the state’s COVID-19 Rent Relief program and how to apply. You can call 833-430-2122 to get answers to your questions.

Please call 833-687-0967 if you need assistance in another language, if you need help filling out an application, or if you need help submitting essential papers.

Please read the Program Overview(link is external) page for additional information on the COVID-19 Rent Relief program sponsored by the State of California.

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Income-qualified renters and their landlords who have been harmed by COVID-19 can apply for help with their rent and utilities through the State of California’s COVID-19 Rent Relief program. Renters and landlords alike can apply for help.

As a tenant in Irvine, you may be able to get extra help from the state of California’s program if you’ve been behind on your rent because of COVID-19 since March 31, 2021. All of these things are in this:

During this time, the rental aid can be used from April 1, 2021, to September 30, 2021. (This includes any upcoming bills)

On the State Program Overview page, you can see that there is a total of 12 months of utility assistance available for assistance starting on April 1, 2020.

For any month between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021, you will not be able to apply for Round 2 rent funds from the State of California. For example, if you got $2,000 in rent help for June 2020, you can’t get $2,000 in rent help from the State of California for June 2020. A utility bill for June 2020 that wasn’t paid by another program may qualify people who live in California for help with their utility bills in June 2020. Applicants must live in California to be able to apply.

It is the only way to apply for extra help from the state of California if you want to do that. If you want to apply for Round 2, you won’t have to do it through the United Way platform.

It is the state’s job to look at and process your application. Only the City of Irvine and the Orange County United Way will be able to see your application.

The link below will take you to the Housing is Key website, where you can start the process of applying for housing aid. On the application page, there are six languages that can be used. Next, you will be sent to an interactive map of California to finish your application. You can zoom in and out and zoom in and out. You can type in your address in the window or look for it on the map to find it. This shows that you can apply to the State of California program because the City of Irvine is shown in green on the map. This means that you can do this.

Following the entry of your address, a window will appear on the page that shows the program that is currently running in your area. Select “View” from the drop-down menu next to “Link to Program and Application.” After that, you will be asked a series of questions to see if you are a good fit for the class. If your answers pass the screening process, you will be sent to the state website, where you will need to create a user name and password.

Call the California COVID-19 Rent Relief Call Center at 833-430-2122 if you have any concerns about the state program, including if you qualify or if you need assistance with the application process.

833-687-0967 is the number to call if you need help in another language, need help filling out an application, or need help submitting required documents.

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