Long Beach

Applying for Emergency Rental Assistance Programs in Long Beach, CA

As the cost of living continues to rise in Los Angeles, Long Beach residents are feeling the impact of the increasing rent prices. Recent data shows that the median income of Long Beach renters has stayed about the same while rental prices have continued to rise. As a result, many residents are facing financial hardship and struggling to keep up with rent payments.

This has led to more people not paying their rent, which can be bad for both tenants and landlords. However, there is hope for those who are struggling. With federal funding available for emergency rental assistance programs, eligible tenants can get the help they need to stay in their homes and avoid eviction.

The Causes of Rising Rent in Long Beach

A number of factors, such as inflation and the lingering effects of COVID, are driving up the cost of rent in Long Beach. The pandemic has led to a reduction in household income for many residents, making it even more difficult to keep up with rent payments.  At the same time, landlords may be having trouble keeping up with their rental units and paying their own bills, which means they may need to raise rents to make ends meet.

The Impact on Low to Middle-Income Families

Rising rent prices have a disproportionate impact on low- to middle-income families. These households may already be struggling to make ends meet, and an increase in rent can push them further into financial hardship. In some cases, residents may be forced to choose between paying rent and other essential expenses, such as past-due utilities or food. This can lead to missed rent payments and potential evictions.

Emergency Rental Assistance Programs in Long Beach

Tenants in Long Beach who qualify based on their income can take advantage of a number of emergency rental assistance programs. The goal of these programs is to give people money to help them pay their rent and stay in their homes. Tenants must fill out an application for help and show proof of their financial need in order to get rental assistance.

The Long Beach Emergency Rental Assistance Program and the Long Beach Community Action Partnership are just two of the groups in Long Beach that help people pay their rent. Tenants who qualify can get help paying their rent for up to a year, depending on how much money is available and what the program requirements are. Some programs may help with past-due rent, utilities, and other housing-related costs in addition to paying for the rent.

To be eligible for rental assistance, tenants must meet certain requirements, such as demonstrating financial hardship due to COVID-19, being a resident of Long Beach, and having received a rent notice or eviction notice. Tenants must also show proof of their income and where they live to back up their application.

  1. Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles
  • Phone: (626) 262-4510
  1. Long Beach Forward
  1. Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
  • Phone: (800) 399-4529
  1. Catholic Charities of Los Angeles
  • Phone: (213) 251-3400
  1. Salvation Army – Long Beach
  • Phone: (562) 426-7637

It’s important to note that the availability of rental assistance and eligibility requirements can vary among these organizations. We recommend checking their websites or contacting them directly for the most updated information.

Eligibility requirements for emergency rental assistance programs in Long Beach:

  • Demonstrated financial hardship due to COVID-19
  • Residency in Long Beach
  • Income at or below a certain threshold (usually 80% of the area median income)
  • Proof of loss of income or increased expenses due to COVID-19
  • Receipt of a rent notice or eviction notice
  • Proof of residency, such as a lease or utility bill
  • Citizenship or legal residency (depending on the program)
  • Compliance with fair housing laws

Please note that these requirements can vary among different rental assistance programs, and additional documentation or information may be required. We recommend checking with each organization or program for specific eligibility criteria.


If you are struggling to afford rent in Long Beach, it’s important to know that there are resources available to help. By applying for emergency rental assistance programs, eligible tenants can get the financial support they need to stay in their residential units and avoid eviction. Don’t wait until it’s too late—reach out to the organizations offering rental assistance in Long Beach today and complete your application for assistance. With federal funding available and a range of programs to choose from, there is hope for those who are facing financial hardship due to rising rent prices.