Tallahassee/Leon County FL

Tallahassee/Leon County, FL

Tallahassee/Leon County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

In Tallahassee and Leon County, Florida, apartment rentals, security deposits, and housing assistance are all accessible. Low-income residents, pensioners, the unemployed, and the disabled can access a number of financial assistance programs as well as agencies that give short- or long-term housing assistance. Discover churches, charities, and government programs that can assist with security deposits and rent payments, or that can provide free housing or legal support to avoid evictions.

Due to the high demand for housing assistance in the Tallahassee area, only a limited number of families will be eligible to receive cash to aid with rent or deposit payments. Typically, families with children, the elderly, and those undergoing a temporary crisis are given priority. In addition to immediate relief and cash assistance, some Leon County, Florida agencies will provide case management, counseling, and coaching to assist individuals in becoming self-sufficient in the long run.

Community Action Agency – A community action agency is a nonprofit organization that is a participant in the federally funded community action agency program. Numerous financial help programs are available, including rent and utility aid, deposit assistance, and eviction prevention. Additionally, long-term self-sufficiency counseling should be pursued.

They can provide a variety of additional services, including up to 14 days of hotel accommodations in a nearby location (if finances are available), and the organization may have cash available to assist with paying a portion of the security deposit and rent for an apartment.

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