Washington County

Washington County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Residents of Washington County who are facing homelessness or who have fallen behind on their rent or utility bills may be eligible for financial assistance in certain circumstances.

This program provides assistance to those who are facing homelessness. It also benefits people who are doubled up — that is, those who are sharing a home with someone else because they cannot afford to rent their own. It also assists persons who are late on their rent or energy bills, as well as those who are facing eviction by a magistrate.

Fill out and submit this Intake Form so that our team can contact you to determine whether or not you qualify for assistance.

To complete the SMART objective form that is required as part of your application, please visit this page.

Eligibility for the program

Eligibility varies from program to program; for more information, please contact Blueprints.

Please get in touch with us.
Call us to discuss which program would be the most beneficial for your family.
Call 1-877-814-0788 x400 (toll free) or send an email to rent@myblueprints.org