Gloucester County

Gloucester County, NJ Emergency Rental Assistance

Gloucester County has authorized Clifton Larson Allen LLP (CLA) to help in the administration of the program and to communicate with applicants and landlords. Please contact (CLA) at 856-336-3700 if you have any queries about the program

Gloucester County received funding from the United States Department of Treasury to assist landlords and tenants with rental relief under the Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance Program (ERAP). The County will begin this program to assist low- and moderate-income renter households in Gloucester County that have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak with unpaid rent and/or utility bills. The funds are used to pay rent and utility arrears and provide temporary rental assistance to Gloucester County households that have experienced a significant reduction in income, have qualified for unemployment benefits, have incurred significant costs, or have encountered financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, either directly or indirectly.

A household qualifying for help may receive up to twelve (12) months of support (plus an extra three (3) months if necessary to ensure the household’s home stability, subject to funding availability).

Priority will be given to households whose income does not exceed 50% of the local median income for the household, or to households where one or more members of the household are jobless as of the date of the application for assistance and have been unemployed for the preceding 90 days.

To qualify for help, selected homes must meet the following criteria:

If you are eligible for unemployment or have experienced a decrease in household income, considerable costs, or financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, either directly or indirectly;
Demonstrate a danger of becoming homeless or experiencing housing instability;
Have a household income equal to or less than 80% of the region median income (please refer to the income guidelines below);

Gloucester county NJ rental assistance income requirements

Be a Gloucester County resident and obligated to pay rent on a residential residence.
Rent arrears accrued after March 16, 2020, are covered.


An eligible household member or a landlord may apply for an ERAP grant on behalf of an eligible household member.

  • Join the online application portal by registering HERE
  • Register with a valid email address, name, and password.
  • Your email and password will be your login credentials.
  • Choose an App: Program for Rental and Utility Assistance
  • Choose between Landlord and Tenant.
  • You can save your application and come back later to finish it if you need more time to gather your documents.

    **Please note that once submitted, your application cannot be edited.

    Logging in will allow you to check the progress of your application after the submission deadline.
    For questions or assistance with your application, please call (856) 336-3700.

    Names, birthdates, and income of all household members, as well as:

Proof of ALL income in the house (paystubs, unemployment benefits, bank statements proving direct deposits, SSI or SSDI statements); and Evidence of financial difficulty due to the COVID-19 epidemic.
An email address is also essential.

It should not duplicate any other federally supported rental assistance offered to the home.

The household income is either the total income for 2020 or the monthly income at the time of application. The latter method requires recalculating household income every three (3) months.

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