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Rental Assistance in Austin/Travis County, TX

Austin-Travis County

The Application Process for Austin, TX Emergency Rental Assistance

The offices of the six Travis County Community Centers are closed to the public due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, except for food pantries, which are open by appointment. Please go here to begin the financial aid application process.

Please contact your local community center to inquire about receiving food aid for food pantries. The majority of Centers can serve you the same day, but appointments may be required to ensure social distancing.

Please include as many of the required documents as possible when completing your application for utility and mortgage assistance. Due to financial limits, financial assistance applications are only valid for the calendar year.

If there is a delay in services, please apply online or obtain a mailed or faxed application from the Community Center of your choice.

Documentation is required.

  • Identification with a photograph (driver’s license, military identification, state identification, etc.)
  • Social Security cards/numbers for all household members who have them
  • ALL DOMESTIC INCOME FOR THE LAST 30 DAYS MUST BE PROVEN (paychecks, check stubs, Social Security award letters for current year, unemployment, child support, workers compensation, etc.)
  • Please send a copy of your most recent utility bill or notification of termination for utility help.

Please submit a copy of your most recent lease or mortgage statement if you need assistance with rent or mortgage payments.

All household members seeking CEAP-funded utility assistance must provide proof of identification and citizenship.

If you do not submit the required documents, your aid request will be delayed or denied.

Documents Required (see pdf format)

Below is a list of the forms needed to apply for various Travis County Community Center services. Prepare the essential documents before starting the online application process.

Go online or call the Center of your choice and receive a paper Application for Assistance. Each Center also accepts paper applications.

View the required documents as a PDF.

Here is the Spanish version.

  • Applicants Must Complete the Travis County Assistance Form
  • A valid government-issued photo ID, a military ID, or a current US passport
  • PROOF OF ALL DOMESTIC INCOME FOR 30 DAYS (i.e., check stubs, unemployment benefits, pension letter, veterans benefit letter, current year
  • Social Security Award Letters, TANF, SNAP, child support, etc.)
  • All household members’ Social Security cards or numbers.
  • Rent Help
    **Note the date of the current lease, the landlord, and the amount payable.
  • Mortgage Help
    Notice of mortgage lien in the applicant’s single name
  • Energy bill Assistance
    a recent utility bill or notice of cancellation
    Austin Energy
  • Authorization for Information Release (for Austin Energy customers only)
  • Help with Gas/Propane/Water/Trash/Wood/Hot Oil
    A recent power bill and/or termination notice
  • ATMOS Data Release Form (for ATMOS Energy customers only)
    Weatherization and house repair help
    Entente entre les propriétaires et les locataires
  • Documents Required for Federal Utility Assistance (CEAP)
    Everyone in the family must be a US citizen. (Ask our staff about other documents that can be used to establish citizenship) OR Immigrant residency documentation: I-551 PR Card (ask staff for extra appropriate documents of residency) AND Identity proof for all family members:
  • A valid photo ID from a government agency or school, or a concealed handgun license (ask our staff about other allowed identity documents)
  • SAVE the signed form

The above documents are necessary to determine your eligibility. Incomplete applications will not be accepted at the front desk or processed for financial aid.
Applications are processed in the order received, and there is often a waiting period.

Keep in mind that if your Caseworker contacts you, extra documentation may be requested to assess your financial eligibility.


Applicants must apply online or in person at one of six financial aid, weatherization, home repair, or social work locations.

Travis County residents may apply at any of the community centers listed below and are not compelled to apply at a center based on their location.

Applicants who are unable to see the facilities in person may contact the admissions office and request that an application be mailed or faxed to them.

Renters Apply Here

Mortgage and Utility Emergency Assistance

Where to Apply


600 W. Carrie Manor St.
Manor, Texas, 78653 (Map)
Phone: 512-854-1550
Fax: 512-854-1559

Manor community center

Jonestown Community Center

18649 FM 1431, Suite 6A
Jonestown, Texas, 78645 (Map)
Phone: 512-854-1500
Fax: 512-854-1510

Jonestown community center

Travis County Tax Office Pflugerville

15822 Foothill Farm Loop, Suite D
Pflugerville, Texas, 78660 (Map)
Phone: 512-854-1530
Fax: 512-854-1543

Pflugerville x=tax office