Pulaski County – Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

Pulaski County, AR rental assistance program

(LITTLE ROCK, ARCHAEOLOGY) — (LITTLE ROCK, ARCHAEOLOGY) People living in Pulaski County can apply for rent and utility assistance through the Arkansas Rent Relief Program, which is administered by the Arkansas Department of Human Services, starting today, November 8. (DHS).

Because the Pulaski County Emergency Rental Assistance Program has come to an end, the Department of Homeland Security is accepting applications from residents of Pulaski County. Residents of Pulaski County who are in need of assistance can now apply for rent and utility assistance through the Arkansas Rent Relief Program, which is available throughout the state.

Landlords and tenants who fulfill the eligibility conditions can submit an application by going to ar.gov/rentrelief and clicking on the “Apply Here.” Candidates will then be sent to the Arkansas Rent Relief Application Portal, where they will be able to create a profile and submit an application. It is important for applicants to acquire the relevant evidence prior to submitting an application in order to guarantee that their submission is accurate and comprehensive. Additionally, at ar.gov/rentrelief, you can find a list of required documentation, commonly asked questions, and user instructions to assist you.

For the sake of expediting the process, tenants and landlords are encouraged to work on comprehensive, matching application packets. In the event that a tenant submits an application and no matching landlord application is received within ten days, the tenant’s application will be reviewed for eligibility and payment consideration. It is possible for the landlord to apply throughout the review process and before payment is made, and the landlord will be compensated directly. Unless the landlord applies by the time the tenant’s application is approved, cash will be delivered to the renter by a third party. Tenants are required by law to pay rental assistance payments to their landlord as soon as they become due and to save documentation of payment in the event that state or federal regulators request it.

During the evaluation process, applicants will get a series of emails, including notices when the program needs further information from them in order to complete their case and make a final award decision. Applicants can check on the status of their application at any time by going to ar.gov/rentrelief and clicking on the “Track Status” link.

When it comes to completing the application, the Arkansas Rent Relief Program has a network of community partners that are available to assist applicants on a one-on-one basis if necessary. Also available at ar.gov/rentrelief is a comprehensive list of these organizations.

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