Rental Assistance Programs in Fort Worth, TX: Helping Low-Income Families

Emergency Rental Assistance Program in Forth Worth, TX (Tarrant County)

Fort Worth Tarrant County TX emergency rental assistance program

Fort Worth (Tarrant County), TX Emergency Rental Assistance Program

ERAP enables tenants to get rent assistance if they meet the Department of Treasury’s eligibility requirements. This is a pretty simple program, although documentation is required to establish your eligibility. Once authorized, Smith County will pay the landlord immediately.

Landlords may apply on their tenants’ behalf or tenants may apply on their own.

If qualified, financial aid may be used to pay rent dating all the way back to March 13, 2020. Additionally, it may pay one month’s rent in the future if the renter is proven to be financially unstable as a result of COVID-19’s impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please keep the following documents on hand to expedite the processing of your application:

Which documents am I required to submit?

  • A duplicate of your lease
  • Docket number and date of the eviction hearing (if asking for Rent Assistance)
  • Agreement with the landlord (details about what is owed and where the check should be sent)
  • Assistance application from a tenant
  • Income statements within the last 60 days for all household members (pay stubs, benefits statements, etc…).
  • COVID-19 effect documentation OR evidence that one or more family members were eligible for unemployment payments

How to proceed if you are NOT eligible

If you qualify for assistance but do not live in Smith County, you may seek assistance from the following agencies:

What documents does a Landlord need?

  • W-9
  • Completed Lease Agreement with Landlord
  • Copies of Notices of Late Rent or Eviction
  • Lease Copies

Can I Receive Assistance for Delinquent Mortgage Payments?

No, this is a rental program. For mortgage assistance, please go here.

Can I receive aid if I sublet?

No, although the tenant under the landlord’s/property owner’s lease may ask for relief.

What if I am paid in cash and am unable to demonstrate my income?

No, although the tenant under the landlord’s/property owner’s lease may ask for relief.

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