Alaska – Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

For Renters

Rent Relief Programs

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View the program’s dashboard to discover more about how Alaska Housing Rent Relief is currently the nation’s leader in terms of money distribution.

When the Assistance with Rent Is Complete

People whose assistance with rent payments is about to end should take the initiative and discuss their circumstances with their landlords. If you require additional assistance, you may be able to locate additional resources.

You can get help creating a budget and keeping track of your monthly spending by downloading the free budgeting tool offered by AHFC.

Current Applicants


Every applicant is required to bring specific documentation with them for the initial screening. These items are as follows:

  • A photocopy of the identification card that was issued to you by the government.
  • Providing evidence of one’s income You can discover what qualifies as income for a household here, as well as what kinds of evidence you can utilize.
  • A receipt that details the amount of unpaid rent on your account as well as a copy of your most recent lease agreement.
  • Copies of overdue bills and other financial documents (if you requested utility relief).

You will receive an email from us requesting these papers (and a reminder if it becomes necessary), and we will provide you with secure URLs to upload them straight to the system.


Your application will be given to a relief specialist, and such a person will be in touch with you as soon as possible. They will help you finalize information regarding your current rent and utilities, any past-due amounts or future payment needs, and any other documents required to determine the amount of rent and/or utility assistance you are eligible for. They will also assist you in determining whether or not you qualify for any other assistance programs.


Your payments for rent and/or utility assistance will be sent directly to your landlord and the utility companies, respectively. First and foremost, all delinquent rent and utility bills will be paid (back to March 13, 2020). If you have any rent or utility bills that are past due, they will be paid in full in a single payment when your final clearing has been completed.

After the approval of your application for future rent relief, payments will be sent in increments of three months if you are determined to be eligible for this assistance. To get future reimbursements, you will be required to provide evidence that demonstrates your ongoing requirement. ​

For the Owners of Property

Help with Homeownership in the State of Alaska

How can I find out what stage my application is currently at?
It is strongly recommended that active applicants monitor the progress of their applications online. To check on the status of your application, go to this link and enter the confirmation code that you were given. If you can’t find your code, look in the confirmation email you got after you submitted your eligibility information and performed the check.

Watching this video will provide you with additional information about how to check your status online.

Go to this location to verify your status.

What are the consequences if I am unable to fulfill the requirements or if I submit my application after the deadline has passed?

You have the right to appeal the decision that was made regarding your eligibility for Alaska Housing Homeowner Assistance to the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation by filling out and submitting this form. If you were unable to participate in Alaska Housing Homeowner Assistance due to obstacles that prevented you from completing your application or because it was discovered that you were ineligible while checking your eligibility, submitting your application, or working with a service provider during verification, you were unable to participate in Alaska Housing Homeowner Assistance.

What are the Criteria That Need to Be Met to Be Eligible?

The following are the fundamental conditions that must be met to qualify.

  • You have to be a homeowner in Alaska who is looking for help with their primary residence to be eligible for this program.
  • You are required to satisfy the state and federal standards listed below:
    • Have experienced monetary challenges as a direct effect of the coronavirus after the 21st of January in the year 2020;
    • Not earn more than the maximum amount allowed by the U.S. Treasury; ​​
    • At least one member of each household must be financially impacted by COVID-19 in some way, either directly or indirectly.
    • It has been established that housing insecurity or homelessness exists. ​

What exactly is this about?

Help for Homeowners in Alaska with Housing May Consist of the Following

  • Assisting homeowners in regaining control of their mortgage payments if they have fallen into forbearance, delinquency, or default;
  • Reimbursing homeowners for expenses like property taxes, hazard insurance premiums, homeowners association or condominium dues, cooperative maintenance fees, and a percentage of ongoing payments for homeowners who are still having problems paying their obligations as a result of COVID-19.

Is My Residence Reasonable?

Examples of eligible owner-occupied properties include:

  • Single-family detached and attached homes
  • Condominium apartments
  • Manufactured homes permanently attached to real property and taxed as such
  • Unfixed mobile homes
  • Agreements for land
  • 1 to 4 unit properties where the owner resides in one of the apartments.

Where may I locate further sources of information?

What Kind of Additional Resources Are There for Homeowners to Take Advantage Of?


Gaining knowledge on how to stop a home from going into foreclosure and submitting an application for rapid mortgage relief or forbearance will help you protect your investment and ensure that your family can remain in their home.


Get free legal advice on how to keep your house and what your rights are as a homeowner, and find out what options are available to you. To find out more, please click here. ​

Angela Silva

Angela Silva, a dedicated 42-year-old consultant specializing in government housing and rental assistance, hails from Sydney, Australia. She completed her education with a degree in Urban Planning from the University of New South Wales. Angela’s career has been marked by her relentless advocacy for affordable housing solutions, where she has worked extensively with both local governments and international agencies in Asia-Pacific regions. Her initiatives have led to the development of sustainable housing projects that cater to low-income families. Outside of her professional environment, Angela enjoys a peaceful life with her partner and their two adopted dogs, engaging in community gardening and urban sustainability projects.

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