Hidalgo-McAllen-Edinburg County Rental Assistance

Hidalgo Rental Assistance

The Hidalgo County Community Service Agency plays a critical role in supporting low-income and vulnerable households within the county. With a mission focused on improving quality of life and promoting self-sufficiency, the agency is dedicated to providing a range of services to meet the diverse needs of its community members. Through partnerships with other organizations and direct funding initiatives, the agency can ensure that individuals and families in need have access to essential resources and support.

By offering effective, efficient, and comprehensive services, the Hidalgo County Community Service Agency can make a significant impact in addressing economic disparities and improving overall well-being within the county. Whether it’s providing food assistance, housing support, job training programs, or other vital services, the agency works tirelessly to empower individuals to achieve greater independence and stability. Through their commitment to collaboration and innovation, they cannot only address immediate needs but also help individuals build a path toward long-term self-sufficiency and success.

Hidalgo rental assistance

Rental assistance Hidalgo County | McAllen help with rent

If you need assistance with back rent or deposits in Hidalgo County and McAllen, Texas, the Salvation Army Corps centers may be able to help. These centers, located in McAllen as well as other communities, often have funds available for back rent and other housing-related expenses. Additionally, they offer services such as emergency shelter, grants for utility bills or transportation, and assistance for migrants, the elderly, and single parents with housing needs. The non-profit organization works to prevent evictions in Hidalgo County and strives to provide free furniture or rent assistance to those who qualify. To inquire about their services or seek help with your housing situation, you can contact them at (956) 682-1468.

Another resource for those seeking assistance with housing vouchers or support in McAllen is the McAllen Housing Authority. Located at 1200 N 25th St., this organization helps individuals and families access affordable housing options through programs such as Section 8 vouchers. They work to ensure that residents have safe and stable housing situations by offering rental assistance and guidance on finding suitable housing options. If you are struggling to cover your rent or deposits, reaching out to the McAllen Housing Authority may be a helpful step in securing support.

Section 8: Housing Voucher Program in Hidalgo

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, commonly referred to as Section 8, is a valuable resource for individuals and families in need of affordable housing assistance. With applications being accepted from July 10 through August 31, 2023, this is a critical opportunity for those who qualify to receive financial support in paying their monthly rent. By submitting an application in person at the designated location in Weslaco, TX, during weekday mornings, applicants can take the first step towards securing stable and affordable housing through this federal program.

This program serves a diverse range of individuals, including low-income families in TX, the elderly, and persons with disabilities who may struggle to afford their housing costs. By providing assistance to cover a portion of their rent payments to landlords, the Housing Choice Voucher Program plays a crucial role in ensuring that vulnerable populations have access to safe and decent housing options. As such, the upcoming application period represents an important opportunity for eligible individuals to alleviate some of the financial burden associated with housing costs and improve their overall quality of life.


Eligible families under the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program are those who qualify for rental assistance to help them afford safe and decent housing. These families typically have low incomes and may be struggling financially. To continue receiving assistance, eligible families are required to meet certain guidelines and participate in programs that can support their economic stability and self-sufficiency.

One such program is the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program, which helps eligible families develop skills, access resources, and set goals for achieving financial independence. By entering into a 5-year FSS Contract of Participation, families commit to working towards specific objectives such as obtaining higher education or job training, improving credit scores, or increasing their income. Through dedicated support services and case management, eligible families in the FSS Program have the opportunity to build a foundation for long-term success and prosperity for themselves and their loved ones.

Additional Resources

Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)

Applications are still available for rental assistance in Hidalgo County.

Hidalgo County Rental Assistance | City of Donna

Hidalgo County, TX, Assistance Programs

The Salvation Army, Hidalgo County



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Jensen Patrick, a 39-year-old housing and rental assistance specialist, was born and raised in the small town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He pursued his education in Social Policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he became deeply interested in the intricacies of housing laws and their impact on communities. Jensen has spent nearly fifteen years working in various capacities within local government in Wisconsin, developing and implementing programs that support affordable housing and prevent homelessness. His work has earned him recognition as a practical and compassionate advocate for underprivileged populations. Outside of his professional life, Jensen is an avid fisherman and enjoys weekend trips to the Great Lakes with his wife and twin daughters, where they teach the girls the value of conservation and enjoying nature.


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