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Rental Assistance Maryland, MD: What is it and Who is Eligible?

Rental Assistance in Maryland serves as a crucial lifeline for individuals and families facing housing insecurity.

Rental Assistance in Maryland provides rental assistance to eligible applicants, helping them avoid eviction and maintain stable housing. To qualify for Rental Assistance in Maryland, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria set by the program.

By exploring the details of ERAP Maryland and understanding who is eligible to receive assistance, individuals can access vital resources to secure their housing stability.

Navigating the Application Process for Rental Assistance in Maryland, MD

Navigating the application process for the Rental Assistance Program in Maryland can be a crucial step toward securing much-needed financial support for renters facing hardships. Understanding how to apply for rental assistance in Maryland, the required documents and the online application process are essential to streamline your path to assistance.

To successfully apply for rental assistance in Maryland, applicants must gather necessary documents such as proof of income, rental arrears documentation, and identification. These documents play a vital role in validating eligibility and expediting the application process.

Online applications have simplified the application process, offering convenience and accessibility to applicants. By utilizing online platforms provided by Maryland’s Rental Assistance program, individuals can efficiently submit their applications from the comfort of their homes.

Navigating through the Rental assistance application process in Maryland requires attention to detail and adherence to guidelines. By understanding how to apply, preparing essential documents, and utilizing online resources effectively, applicants can navigate this vital assistance program with confidence.

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Providing Assistance to Applicants for Housing Documents:

Assistance Prioritization

Legislation passed by the US Treasury, the state of Maryland is obligated to give priority in ERAP funding to the following two groups:

  1. HUD considers low-income households to be those having an annual income that is equal to or less than half of the area’s median income (AMI).
  2. Households in which one or more members are unemployed at the time of the ERAP application AND who have not worked in the preceding three months are eligible for the program.

Local government initiatives in Maryland that receive Rental assistance financing from the state must first process and approve applications for assistance from these two types of groups. When all applications from priority groups have been assessed and accepted, the programs will begin assessing and approving applications from other eligible households.

Tenants in properties that provide income-based housing and/or have a high proportion of tenants with incomes less than 50% of the area median income (AMI) receive priority help through bulk tenant rent relief programs funded by Rental Assistance Maryland monies made available by the State of Maryland. Among the characteristics are:

  1. Complexes d’habitation qui ont bénéficié de l’aide du DHCD (such as low-income housing tax credit properties)
  2. Programs run by public housing authorities, such as Public Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers/Section 8, and so on
  3. Properties classified as multifamily housing Class C and D that are located in census tracts are identified by the Urban Institute as having a significant demand for rental assistance. Families with lower incomes sometimes reside in properties classified as Class C and Class D. ​​

Need support?

Dial 877-546-5595 to reach the Maryland Emergency Rental Assistance Call Center.

Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM

Saturday hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Jensen Patrick

Jensen Patrick, a 39-year-old housing and rental assistance specialist, was born and raised in the small town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He pursued his education in Social Policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he became deeply interested in the intricacies of housing laws and their impact on communities. Jensen has spent nearly fifteen years working in various capacities within local government in Wisconsin, developing and implementing programs that support affordable housing and prevent homelessness. His work has earned him recognition as a practical and compassionate advocate for underprivileged populations. Outside of his professional life, Jensen is an avid fisherman and enjoys weekend trips to the Great Lakes with his wife and twin daughters, where they teach the girls the value of conservation and enjoying nature.


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