Yuma County – Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

Yuma County Emergency Rental Assistance


Families who the COVID-19 epidemic has either directly or indirectly impacted can receive assistance through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program in Yuma County. Renters whose lives have been upended by the epidemic are eligible for assistance with their monthly rent and utility bills of up to $3,500 for a period of up to eighteen (18) months. The initiative hopes to prevent people from being evicted from their homes by providing financial assistance with rent and utilities. It is not necessary to be behind on your payments in order to receive assistance. Any assistance requested for overdue rent or utility bills will be granted before any further assistance is provided.

The following types of assistance are available:

Rent that was past due, rent that was due in the future, late fees, deposits, and utility bills were all outstanding.

Who is qualified to apply?

All applicants must demonstrate that they have been economically damaged in some way, either directly or indirectly, as a result of the epidemic.

Your income must be at or below 80 percent of the median income in the region, or it must be equal to that amount.
During the same time span, no other organization has made an offer of assistance. There must be a rental lease agreement in place.

What is the procedure for submitting my application?

Yuma County and the Western Arizona Council of Governments have collaborated on the development of this program (WACOG). Applicants will be able to download, fill out, and submit applications on WACOG’s Emergency Rental Assistance website beginning on March 15, 2021. You can also contact WACOG at this number: 928-217-7144. The application can be obtained in paper form and can be found at the following locations:

  • Yuma WACOG office is located at 1235 S. Redondo Center Drive.
  • The Yuma County Administration building is located at 198 S. Main Street in Yuma.
  • Each Yuma County Library branch
  • Neighborhood Services, Second Floor, Yuma City Hall
  • Somerton City Hall is located at 143 N. State Avenue, Somerton.
  • San Luis City Hall is located at 1090 E. Union Street in San Luis.
  • Wellton Municipal Building- 28364 Oakland Avenue, Wellton

DOWNLOAD the Yuma County Rental Assistance Application (English)

DESCARGUE la Solicitud de asistencia de alquiler del condado de Yuma (español)

Dashboard Information:

                YEAR-TO DATE AS OF  MAY 6, 2022
Number of Applications Submitted       1732
Number of Approved Applications       1221
Total Amount Issued $6,254,722.90

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